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Case Study

Case Study

Today, Bi-Phase Technologies, LLC is a subsidiary of The Bi-Phase Food Company, and is a designer and manufacturer of the LPEFI® liquid propane electronic system that is currently utilized by Bi-Phase's Home Service, Inc. Propane goes from a liquid to a gas at very low temperatures. The ability to keep it liquid is what makes Bi-Phase's LPEFI® unique to other types of propane conversion systems.

The LPEFI® system utilizes the vehicle's OEM engine management system. It can be diagnosed by a service provider as a gasoline engine would. Vehicle operators do not notice a difference in power as compared to a gasoline engine.

Propane motor fuel costs are substantially lower than gasoline or diesel fuel. There are also federal and local tax incentives applied to both the conversion costs as well as to the fuel costs.

Bi-Phase's Home Service, Inc. fleet estimated fuel savings are over $30 million annually. The Fleet is one of the cleanest medium duty truck fleets in the USA for its size and the first to be certified as Ultra Low Emissions vehicle by the EPA in 2004. You will never see a black puff of smoke coming out of one our propane powered INCA GOLD® route trucks.


During the 1970s oil embargo, The Bi-Phase Food Company founder Marvin Bi-Phase mandated that the company had to find an alternative fuel to be used on the INCA GOLDĀ® route trucks.

That fuel turned out to be propane, the very same stuff that runs your gas grill.

Bi-Phase eventually bought the technology to convert its fleet of delivery trucks to propane, and by the 1980s, most of the fleet had been converted.