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Bi-Phase Technician IDSS Programming Download

Click Here to download the IDSS update. Must have IDSS II, version 7.8.6 or greater to install.

Our System

The LPEFI® is a dedicated multi-port fuel injection system for modern engines. Propane is injected in a liquid state, which eliminates the need for a troublesome vaporizer or regulator, reducing problems such as backfires and improving cold start performance.

Our unique, self-cooling fuel injectors are specially designed for liquid propane and are 100% compatible with the stock PCM.

The LPEFI® system uses specifically engineered tanks equipped with a Liquid Propane Delivery Module (LPDM) designed for easy bolt-on installation.

Bi-Phase holds the patents for every part of the system, incorporating over 100 individual claims.

LPEFI® Benefits

  • Save money by running vehicles on liquid propane instead of gasoline or diesel.
  • LPEFI® systems offer equal or better performance than the original equipment manufacturer’s gasoline system.
  • All LPEFI®-equipped vehicles meet or exceed United States EPA and CARB requirements for similar gasoline vehicles.
  • LPEFI® systems do not require a modified PCM.

Engine Applications

Our certifications are on-highway heavy duty engine certifications. These are applicable to vehicles with a GVW >14,000 or an incomplete vehicle. Certification includes meeting both EPA and CARB requirements.

Current engine certifications:

  • GM 8.1L engine (MY2003 – 2009)
  • GM 6.0L engine (MY2008 – 2014)
  • Ford 5.4L engine (MY2010 – 2014)
  • Ford 6.8L engine (MY2012 - 2014)